Day 18 Prompt: pick 2 vowels and write a poem using words that only contain one or both of those vowels


The earth hears
ages pass,
and ages fall
Ahead we hear
the earth lament
and cry
and shake away
the hate
All we need-
All we have-
And all the earth
has ever been
end by what
we are.


The Science of Grace

Day 16 Prompt: Science Poem

“The Science of Grace”

There is a science to grace
that blows in a steady wind
that begins each step
more than art in its
graceless hunger

There is the question
the observation
step by step
these moments
each analyzed
by work
noticed like the seconds
of your inhale

The answer is in
the research
the logic
in the analysis
The process is only
the motion
And grace,
is all that’s left.


Day 15 Prompt: adjective as title


It could never be pink
it could never dilute so far
or purple, so completely
out of the question
Not maroon, or wine
or a fuchsia shade of burgundy

It must be Red.
True, vibrant, Red
Nothing added
or taken away
Red in its purest
and only form.

That, is what I wait for,
and Red
is what it must be.


Day 12 Prompt: Damage

There were limbs
torn, shattered, broken
and leaves
moments from yesteryear
between never happened
and never will

I saw the damage
the storm created
in your heart
a clear path
miles long
wedged widely enough
past your neighbors

You lived through
thirty seconds
we threw away
thirty years
for 18 months

And this transition
from solid and stone
to broken scraps
lost materials
will last the lifetime
of wind.

Tulips and Hail

Day 11 Prompt: Pick a season

Spring happened
too fast
thawed too slowly
The grey winds
pushed too rough
tulips in pinks, yellows,
blew away with histories
The grass greened
not soon enough
too short, still, to hide
the holes in our plans
And the warmth
didn’t last long
in the rain
The rain made hail
and the sun gave up
on our future.

How to Breathe

Day 10 Prompt: How                  

Start with stillness
or uncover it
or start where
you are
Then let the
air come into you
in a rush
or take your time
to fill
Allow the stillness
to be
who you are
Feel release
akin to wind
as it leaves
feel where
it touches

And the air
another time
coaxing, releasing,