Day 10: Prompt: The Future

The Future Came

The future
is an idea
built from plans
based on hopes
fueled by fears

The future
came slowly
looked similar
felt subtle
but quickly went

I had
waited longingly
needed the change
wanted the unknown
Now, I am unsure

-A. Ault-

Day 9: Prompt: Shelter

“Where Children Shelter”

So many days
of my childhood
did I sit inside my room
the space of mine
that bed, that time
a place where I could bloom
Have you seen
the children’s rooms,
photos from around the world?
Nepal, Brazil
Japan, Tehran
little boys and little girls
Think of how
your own room felt
the walls that shaped your youth
then see the difference
an ocean makes;
there’s something we should do.
-A. Ault-
Inspired by this amazing collection from “Where Children Sleep”.

Day 8: Prompt: Violence and/or Peaceful Poem


There is an unending in this feeling
a calm beneath this skin
a contrast to the ragged heart,
to the fire it is akin

There is a comfort in this quiet
a connected distance from all men
So different from the push and pull,
daily action and tedium

I am at peace here in this moment
at the crux of now and then
A better rest could never be
The thought, the only zen

-A. Ault-

Day 7: Prompt: Self Portrait

Have You Seen Me?

Have you seen a prism?
That bit of crystal through light along the walls
all those different colors, all the different sizes
always moving, always changing

Have you seen the wind?
Moving along, quietly, until it’s not
and when it’s not, it’s evil, it’s unwelcome
but sometimes, it is

Have you watched the sky?
Always there, above, blue, or black, or red or orange
sometimes clear, sometimes full of clouds
sometimes completely hidden from view

Have you known me?
For I am as changing as the light
as welcomed as the wind,
as constant as the sky.

But I am only me.

-A. Ault-

Day 6: Prompt: A Night Poem

Why is it the night
that holds so many secrets
that holds so many possibilities

Why is it in the night
that lovers come together
but those in love are alone

Why is it in the night
that the rain is so much sweeter
and the wind is only a ghost

Why is it in the night
that lives change, decisions made
but it is the day the speaks the truth?

-A. Ault-

Day 5: Prompt: Discovery

I have discovered. 

I’ve discovered
that the things in my life
that mean the most
aren’t things at all
but emotions
and I collect these emotions like girls collect shoes

And some of them, I didn’t want
but I told myself I did.

I’ve discovered
that these experiences
with which I’ve built my collection of emotions
shape not only who I am
and who I will be
but also who I was

Once I was broken
Once I was better off than I thought
Now, I was only young.

I’ve discovered
that there is no better way
of accomplishing
than by just doing
like Nike
like the people in the movies, in the pictures, in memes
and that those people
are just as scared, just as uncertain
as I am
as you are
as are we all.

I’ve discovered
that I am not only ignorant
but selfish
and incredibly human
and that sometimes, at my worst
I love all that I am

and then, I am at my best.

I’ve discovered
that it takes two minds
to completely understand, anything
and that this duality
this struggle against extremes
against myself
is exactly what I needed.

I’ve discovered
that time moves two ways
backwards, and forwards
and that ‘now’ is only an illusion
a memory
my imagination

Now is a vehicle we use to move life with our minds
until we lose our place, and remember, we are alive.

I have discovered.


Day 3: Prompt: Message

I’ve Written Once

I’ve written once
I’ve written twice
I’ve scribbled, erased, and chewed
I worry over these words I write,
these words I send to you
I came, I went
our time was spent
And away it went with you
But I fear the future I see ahead,
Because all I see is you.
And if it does
we come to pass
I won’t know how to choose
So keep this letter well in hand
Because this future I leave to you.

Day 2: Prompt: Journey


Clothes on top of everything
luggage open wide
Wheels on glossy tiled floors
an alphabet of signs
A porthole open wide enough
sunset under sky
Different smells of everything
different lights shine
(Didn’t get this posted on April 2…shhhh!)

Day 1: Prompt: Beginning and/or Ending

A Wave, Beginning

There is a wave, beginning
I can hear it from this sand
the sun, blinding in the distance
watches, all it can
The wave, it rises, building
higher and higher it grows
and I am breathing, being
all I can with eyes closed
It is closer now, ready
the water about to break
and I am running, needing
drowning in its wake
Only an echo sounds, softly
and the moon commands this tide
the water pulling from me, feeding
another wave to rise.
-A. Ault-