What Wave Ever Ends?

Skin, sun-soaked sweat
heat chills and echoed sand
exfoliant of the gods
and modern elixirs of life,
youth, and beauty
the chemicals will still kill us
without the sun

A dull ache in my inner ear
for a sound grown silent, departed
No wind can carry it this far
sacred roaring cannot be heard by human ears
but I feel it, so I wander
It is traveling through the sand, slowly,
traversing soils it doesn’t understand
the softest of touches, reaching, under my feet
and I am not apart from it
What wave ever ends?
In the stillness, I can feel it,
not enough, never, so far away,
but my feet, in the ground, know it
brushing lightly, the silent roaring
of the ocean’s heartbeat

Sweet, but a hint of salt
breathing, breezing by my nose
My heart remembers as quickly as it goes
shining connections in memory.



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