Day 5: Prompt: Discovery

I have discovered. 

I’ve discovered
that the things in my life
that mean the most
aren’t things at all
but emotions
and I collect these emotions like girls collect shoes

And some of them, I didn’t want
but I told myself I did.

I’ve discovered
that these experiences
with which I’ve built my collection of emotions
shape not only who I am
and who I will be
but also who I was

Once I was broken
Once I was better off than I thought
Now, I was only young.

I’ve discovered
that there is no better way
of accomplishing
than by just doing
like Nike
like the people in the movies, in the pictures, in memes
and that those people
are just as scared, just as uncertain
as I am
as you are
as are we all.

I’ve discovered
that I am not only ignorant
but selfish
and incredibly human
and that sometimes, at my worst
I love all that I am

and then, I am at my best.

I’ve discovered
that it takes two minds
to completely understand, anything
and that this duality
this struggle against extremes
against myself
is exactly what I needed.

I’ve discovered
that time moves two ways
backwards, and forwards
and that ‘now’ is only an illusion
a memory
my imagination

Now is a vehicle we use to move life with our minds
until we lose our place, and remember, we are alive.

I have discovered.



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